About Me

I have over 12 years of experience working with diverse (in all senses of the word) teams to identify business and user goals, then realizing the interactions and interfaces to achieve them. I’ve designed simple solutions to complex problems in the enterprise and education, always focused on delivering a product that puts people first.

You can see more ideas and explorations in the Design category on my blog.

Outside of design, I enjoy taking photos and playing the drums. My experience as a jazz musician taught me the value of collaboration and practice (as well as improvisation!), and exposed me to life experiences well outside my own. I've played gigs everywhere from a quinceañera to a Baptist church with an array of musicians diverse in age, gender, and heritage. Some of my closest friends here in New York are those I grew up playing with around Seattle.

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Design Tools

Some of the tools I use for project management, visual design, and prototyping.

This Site

I wrote the code for this site in Atom, saving myself some work by using Jekyll to generate pages from component files. I used HTML5 Boilerplate as a starter and added the Lightbox plugin to display high resolution images and anime.js to make sequential animations easy.